Jargon Free

Is a series that looks at every day life and tries to glean management and related ‘lessons.’ The book is largely anecdotal, full of stories from my life…


Management Simplified through the eyes of everyday life. Discusses Leadership, Managing Change, Managing People and other popular Management Topics through everyday life situations like parenting, gardening, buying a car, etc.


Lessons in Leadership inspired by my dad : The book was written as a gift for my father on his 70th birthday. Appachchi was, and always will be, one of those ‘heroes’ of my life – and someone I have drawn (and continue to draw) a lot of inspiration from. The book discusses what I perceive to be the critical essence of leadership through a few stories from my interactions with my father.


Living Values – inspired by stories of my grandparents : I had the good fortune of having both my paternal grandparents and my maternal grandmother be with me during my childhood and early teens.  Stories they tell, and lessons learnt through them have been the anchor of my values from a very early age.  This book is dedicated to them – and their legacy…